Thursday, December 8, 2011

Girls, You are all Beautiful.

Just a couple of thoughts that have been on my mind recently.

To get my point across immediately, here is a little illustration:

When God created Eve, he didn't immediately hand her mascara and lipstick and say: "Quick, put these on before Adam gets back so he will think you are beautiful."

See where I am going with this?

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying make-up is bad or makes a girl seem fake. Quite the opposite, girls still look pretty with make-up on and everything. It is awesome!

But notice I used the word still.

The word still referring to the fact that they looked just as beautiful without the make-up on. 

Do you girls think you look ugly if it is a sweat-pants, hair-up, no make-up kind of day? Well I have news for you. . .

You all still have the same beautiful eyes, same beautiful smile, and same beautiful personality.

See where I am going with this yet? :)

Girls, when I tell you that you look beautiful today, I truly mean it. I promise. I wouldn't just throw that out there here and there even if it seems like I do, but I really, truly mean it.

And let's get another thing cleared up, when I say you are beautiful, not only am I referring to your natural beauty, but I am mostly referring to your personality! :)

(When I say 'personality', my definition is that you are kind, caring, and just so sweet all around in spirit and in the way you live, being an example to everyone around you.) 

For example: there might be a girl who is absolutely gorgeous with her looks, but if she is rude, self-centered, and just a plain brat, you will never catch me telling her she is beautiful, because to me she is not. Maybe some guys dig the girls that are mean to everyone, although I don't know why they would. . .

I believe that to be beautiful, it is more important what is on the inside of you, rather than the outside. 

Well. . . sorry, that was a really long and random thought, but I believe it with my whole heart. :) 

So if I come up to you some day and tell you that you look beautiful, not only do I think you look pretty that day, but I also love your personality. Confidence is also something that makes a girl look extremely gorgeous, just throwin' that out there. . .

Now some of you might get sad at that confidence part, because you might think you don't have any.

Do you want to know the secret to having confidence that makes you look gorgeous?

Here it is:

Make the inside of you beautiful. 

Be the best person you can be, and that will make you more beautiful than any make-up product the industry can throw at you.

So I guess in conclusion, no matter what make-up you put on, you will probably only feel as good as you do on the inside.

Here is a fun challenge I have for you as well: once a week, don't put any make-up on the entire day.

You can still dress up and all that good stuff, but try not to wear make-up for the entire day. Just try it. :)

So yeah, if I offended anyone with this post, make a comment and tell me why you think girls shouldn't feel good about themselves on the inside. ok? :)

But also, leave a comment adding your own opinion, and we can discuss that as well. :)

Ladies, don't ever let boys treat you below the standards of a Daughter of God. Because that is what you are.

I love you all. :) You are ALL beautiful!!


  1. Oh Matt. If every girl knew you, the world would be a happier and less bratty world. I love you and the wisdom you share with everyone.

  2. Matt, though I have a really hard time agreeing with the fact that I look beautiful without make-up, I am going to take your challenge!! I'll try it for a few weeks at least... We'll see how it goes...
    But, I do think that this is the sweetest thing that I have read in a LONG time.

  3. Oh Matt...
    Ever since you told me all of this on Saturday, I think about it when I put on makeup in the morning....and feel a tiny bit guilty :) but, idk if I accept your challenge just yet...

  4. Also, this definitely made me tear up just a bit.

  5. Thanks, Matt. You are so kind. :)

  6. Dani: If every guy knew you the world would be one big awesome party that would go on forever and ever, and everyone would love each other, cuz they know you. The end. ;)

    Bronwen: I am so proud of you!! Thank you for taking my challenge!!! :) You should post some pictures on your blog to show your weekly festival of beauty. :) Thank you so much for reading! :)

    Kaela: Don't feel guilty, that never was my intention ;) Haha! Just try it one day! You might like it a lot better than spending time putting make-up on! :)

    Aubrey and Lyssa: You both are pretty much the cutest things that could ever happen to a guy. :) I love you both!

    Fun fact for the readers, every girl who commented on this post are all beautiful! Not just sayin' that, I really mean it. :) I love you all!

  7. You, my friend, are going to make some special, lucky girl so very happy someday.

  8. Matt, you need to go on your mission right now, just so that one of the several thousands of girls who would marry you isn't kept in suspense.

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  10. Matthew, thank you, my brother. You did an excellent job voicing my opinion, as well as the opinion of, I'd wager, hundreds of other guys. I've actually tried writing a post like this before, but I've never been able to word it right. I always come across as exasperated with the situation.

    I would also like to add my two cents about this. As you girls do the experiment Matt suggested, you will probably run into opposition. Unfortunately, there are people out there who don't see the world the way we do. Some guys will probably feel that you aren't beautiful that day. Please don't let that deter you. Just because there are short-sighted individuals out there doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful without make-up.

    Oh, and one more thing: A foundation on the Savior, Jesus Christ, is more beautiful than any foundation you can buy from a cosmetics store.

  11. David, amen to all of that. I especially love that last quote you added in. :)

    And definitely, don't let the short-sighted un-classy guys stop you from being beautiful, all right girls? :)

  12. Matt and David, I have to be honest, that was a hard thing today and yesterday... Though I love and trust you more than I trust random guys on the street, how do I know you two aren't the only two guys in the world who think this way? Even my roommates think I'm crazy. Oh. And, did you know that it's legal to fire a woman for not wearing make-up?? Oh well :) I felt like one ugly cow the last two days but it kind of felt really good. It's refreshing. So, until it gets extremely discouraging, I'll keep plowing on! Haha, my goal is to do it for 5 weeks. And, if I still feel this way/don't think it's worth it at that point, then I'll quit :)

  13. Bronwen, I hope you know how much I admire you for doing that. I'm sure that wasn't an easy thing at all. Based on the picture you put up on your blog, though, you have no reason to feel anything at all like an "ugly cow;" more like a beautiful flower. If you ever start getting really discouraged, you can always count on us for a little pick-me-up.

  14. Bronwen, Amen once again to everything David said! :)We are both so proud of you being able to take on a challenge like that, and you are still the only one I know of that has done it! :) You look beautiful in the picture you posted, and I can't wait to hear more about your experiences!