Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Post of Red Bull. . . Finally ;)

Hey guys! So I have been talking about Red Bull BC One a lot lately. . .

You are probably getting tired of it by now, but bear with me for a little longer.

. . . . .


Wow! This years competition was unlike any other! There was so much energy between all the Bboys, I was seriously jumping out of my seat the whole time!

I feel so inspired to dance now you have no idea!

But the really cool thing for me is that in this competition there was a whole lot more rocking to the beat!

What I mean by that is there was a lot more footwork, toprock, and legit freezes!! The winner Bboy Roxrite from the U.S. of A hardly used power moves the whole time! He just listened to the music, rocked to the beat, and took the title!

I love how that shows that you don't need straight up power moves to win a competition(nothing against Lil G, he really rocked it too! What a stud!), but that as long as you are feeling the music and dancing to it, you can win anything. Even win the Superbowl of Breakdance(which is Red Bull BC One).

Anyway, it was a great battle for everyone!

Yeah, so I might post a video of it when I find a video with good quality, but until then, have a great day! :)

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