Friday, October 7, 2011

Romain Dupouy, A Freakin' Awesome Guy :)

Quite simply, Romain, I love you.

This is a tribute to one of my dear friends Romain.

If you know him, you love him. I haven't heard a single bad word against this guy, and I would knock down anyone if I did hear a single bad word against this guy.

I am so glad that Romain was able to stay with us longer than he intended in the first place! Even though I see him sporadically, every moment that I am with him is pure awesomeness! I am super jealous of Josh Brewer and others who see him a lot more than me!

I know that he has touched others lives besides mine.

These are just a few of Romain's many fans. :)

Romain, I will miss you, and I hope our paths will cross again one day. I will always remember the day you walked in with Josh Brewer to our humble Super Smash Brothers party when I met you for the first time. :)

Even though it is sad to say goodbye, I have a feeling we will see each other again! ;) You rock Romain, and I think everyone will back me up when I say you have influenced all of our lives! :)

I love you man!
Love Matt or Cakes, you decide ;)

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