Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life, Thoughts, Maybe Snacks. . .

Ok, So no snacks, but that would be cool, right?

Life is pretty good right now. I get to go Break Dance tonight at BYU, Conference was fantastic, and sleep is my best friend.

Break Dancing is one of my creative outlets. I have a ton of energy, so why not put it into something as cool as dance? I know this video below is not Break Dancing, but it is a form of Hip-Hop called Tutting(there are variations like Finger Tutting, and digits, which he does both of). But yeah, it is super cool so check it out!

Wasn't that legit? I think so :)

Going onto Conference.


It was so great! I think you would agree with me that it was awesome. Unless you don't like conference. . . which you should. ;)

There were so many great speakers, but I want to share the quote by Elder Holland that I have already shared on facebook, so bear with me :)

"Brethren ... I am looking tonight for men young and old who care enough about this battle between good and evil to sign on and speak up!"
-Elder Holland in Priesthood Session

I loved being able to attend Priesthood Session up in Salt Lake, and I absolutely love this quote Elder Holland gave!

I don't know about you, but I am signing up literally and figuratively! I get to put my mission papers in December 27th, and I am super excited to find out where I have the privilege of serving the Lord for two years!

And onto sleep. I am sorry I don't utilize it as much as I should, because it seriously is fantastic. I absolutely love sleep. :)

So yeah, that is me right now. And I am super excited for the Provo Tabernacle Temple. :) I won't put a picture up since you have all probably seen it a billion times, but it is exciting!

Have an awesome day guys! :)
Love Matt or Cakes, you decide!

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  1. Matt, I love how excited you are for your mission! I wish that everyone was like that. Missionary work would probably be a whole lot more effective.
    Also, that video is really awesome!