Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg and Basketball... but mostly Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: I am not intentionally trying to make fun of anyone that did post the actual status that claims facebook is going to start charging for usage. This is just how I see this situation.

So, If you were one of the 40 people that have "liked" my latest satirical status, you guys rock. That is like the best status I ever put! You all get a free unicorn now.... haha! Gotcha!

Anyway, I put it up because I think it is hilarious how some people post those other actual ones that give prices and everything, and saying that your icon will turn blue..... yeah.

Do you guys really believe that? Or are you just posting it for kicks?

Don't you think if Facebook really was going to start charging there would be a big news story on it or something? On KSL or CNN they would say: "Facebook is now charging 10 dollars per month which has started riots in all the major cities on earth".

I can just see that meeting right now with Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark: "Gentlemen, I believe we can start charging 10 dollars per month for facebook usage... Billy, send out that message that will change everyone's icon blue if they repost it, and only if they repost it. That way we can still get money from the dumb people who don't post it."

Billy: "Sir, shouldn't we get our Public Relations guys to let the world know that we are charging for facebook now? Shouldn't we put it up on the news, or billboards or something?"

Mark: "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Where's the fun in that?? I want to have all the people who don't repost our message to have to pay for it! Get a sense of humor Billy! Now go post that message, we need to get rid of these unicorns....."

So yeah. That is how I picture that meeting.

With such a big move like starting to charge for facebook, their Public Relations department would have the massive project to get the word out to the facebook users. Let's use common sense. They wouldn't send out one facebook spam message and hope that it gets to everyone.

So yeah, use common sense, and life will be good to you. You guys rock!

Here is a random picture just for kicks:

Love Matt or Cakes, you decide ;)