Monday, September 12, 2011

LXD: "The Tale of Trevor Drift" Chapter One

Episode One(Or Chapter One as they are referred to, which I will do from now on)

Running time: 13:41. Main characters that are introduced: Trevor Drift, The Illister, Weird Narrator Dude.

First I will introduce Trevor Drift, since this episode is about him.

Yup, for the ladies he is a pretty handsome fella.

Trevor Drift is played by Bboy Luigi. Other than that, I am not really sure about his real name, but he is a kick butt breakdancer.
Trevor Drift grows up discovering little things that he can do.
Like say.... flips, suicides, awesome moves.... just little things like that.
And he hasn't discovered fully yet his gift, until he hears about the school Prom that is coming up.
His father doesn't want him to go, because he knows that Trevor will discover the family secret that kick butt breakdancing is in his blood, and Trevor will be hunted by the bad guys.
So that is Trevor for now... oh and he gets the girl by the end of the episode. Yay!

Anyway, here is a video of him at Prom. :) (P.S. the guy you see very first is 'The Illister". I will talk about him next)

So that is Trevor Drift. Next: The Illister:

Pretty cool guy right?
Actually, he is a bad guy. So yeah.
The Illister is played by Daniel Campos aka Bboy Cloud. I absolutely love his style of dancing. He is world wide known, been in Step Up 3D, Red Bull BC One Competitions, and of course the LXD(He has a bunch more achievements than that though). All we really know is that he is a "bounty hunter" type guy for the bad guys. Other than that, we will learn more about him later.

And finally on to the Narrator dude:

That is the Weird Narrator Dude. I don't know his name yet, either because he hasn't said it, or I have missed it. Either way, he narrates each chapter at parts, and gives deep advice that usually doesn't make sense to anyone, but it is still cool. We will find out more about him later.

And those are the main characters that are introduced in this episode! Minor characters are just Trevor's Dad, and his new girlfriend who he steals from another guy with his awesome moves. But Trevor's dad is attacked in the end by the Illister, and we will find out what happens there later.

And that is the first chapter in a fantastic series!

Definitely, I would give it a WATCH IT sign(I will either say WATCH IT, DON"T WATCH IT, or DOESN"T REALLY MATTER).

Sound good? I think so!
Love Matt or Cakes, you decide! ;)

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