Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Post for LXD Probably....

So yeah, just as the title says.

I figured that most of you don't want to read about this at all, so I will just give you a list of the episodes and which to watch, not watch, etc.

Chapter One: Tale of Trevor Drift = WATCH IT! Pretty good stuff, acting isn't great, but dancing is awesome!

Chapter Two: Antigravity Heroes = WATCH IT! Awesome tricking!(Which is flips, gainers, awesome aerials, etc.)

Chapter Three: Robot Lovestory = WATCH IT! Madd Chadd(Sp3cimen in the series) is one of my favorite dancers of all time, he is so talented. Don't be freaked out by the Dark Doctor and his freaky dancing cronies, but that is just the style of dance he has, other than that it is an awesome episode!

Chapter Four: The Uprising Begins = WATCH IT! Really great episode, you actually see good guy vs. bad guy in epic break battle. Definitely worth it!

Chapter Five: The Lettermakers = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! It is a cool episode, but if you don't like krumping, you probably won't like this one. The black guys shirtless are a nice touch though...

Chapter Six: Duet = WATCH IT! I really liked this episode, it is kinda different, but still really well done!

Chapter Seven: The Dark Doctor Deal = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! I sorta liked this one, but once again the Dark Doctor's style of dance is weird, and when he is manipulating another dancer through dance, it looks kinda freaky but really interesting.

Chapter Eight: Elliot's Shoes = WATCH IT! This was such a well done episode!! This guy is such a great dancer, I believe he is on GLEE, but it is really awesome to watch him dance! A definite keeper!

Chapter Nine: Fanboyz = WATCH IT! Once again, these guys are really cool, and I love their quirky style, and awesome outfits. Definite keeper!

Chapter Ten: I Seen a Man = WATCH IT! This is such a cool episode to me, because it is awesome tap dancing! That's right, tap dancing! This guy is so good at what he does, and I really enjoy watching him.

Chapter Eleven: The Legion = WATCH IT! This is a cool episode, because all of the characters come together and meet each other, and they meet a bunch of other dancers that are all really cool! I like this one a lot! You also meet Karen(Kid David outside the series) who is a really cool dancer!

Chapter Twelve: Lessons = WATCH IT! This is another way awesome episode! They are all training together, and it is really fun to watch! Definite keeper!

Chapter Thirteen: Rising = DON'T WATCH IT!!!!!!!! This is like the worst episode that has ever been created. It is absolutely freaky, and scary, and I don't like it at all. If you skip this episode, you won't miss any plot development at all, so don't worry.

Chapter Fourteen: Mark of the Ox = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! Yeah, this is one of the weirder ones because all the bad guys are acting like animals, but I guess that is what they were going for. It is kind of weird, I didn't really like it.

Chapter Fifteen: Tails of War = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! Yeah, this is another one of those episodes that are just weird. There are four creepy seducing girls that are monsters, and they try and kill the good guys. Watch it if you want, I didn't really like it.

Chapter Sixteen: The Greater of Two Evils = WATCH IT! I really liked this one, because it shows that there are two sets of bad guys that want to win, and they will fight each other for it. Fun episode!

Chapter Seventeen: Origins = WATCH IT! You find out the background for the Dark Doctor, and he is a cool kid! He has got some pretty sweet moves too, but you see why he became so dark. Good episode though!

Chapter Eighteen: Experiments = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! Yeah, this one has some cool dance moves, but the whole idea of it is really weird. Dark Doctor stuff, ya know?

Chapter Nineteen: The Good, the Bad, and the RA, Part 1 = WATCH IT! Pretty good episode, great dancing, really cool overall!

Chapter Twenty: The Good, the Bad, and the RA, Part2 = WATCH IT! More good dancing, kinda cliche at the end, but still good dancing!

Chapter Twenty One: Extra-Ordinary 7 = WATCH IT! Sorta weird at the end if I remember, but good dancing for some of it. Story plot development, that is why I gave it a watch it!

Chapter Twenty Two: Ashes = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! I didn't like this episode at all, but their is plot development in it, but still, freaky clown dancing too.

Chapter Twenty Three: Forbidden = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! I didn't find the dancing really cool, but I expect stuff like tapping, and breaking at this point. So yeah, more plot development, if you want to watch it!

Chapter Twenty Four: Can't Dance = WATCH IT! I sorta liked this one, it is kind of quirky, so if you want to watch it, go ahead!

Chapter Twenty Five: Salvage = WATCH IT! Once again, Madd Chadd aka Sp3cimen is brilliant in his work. I highly suggest this one!

Chapter Twenty Six: Reprogram = WATCH IT! More Madd Chadd brilliance, this is an awesome episode!!

Chapter Twenty Seven: RA Games = WATCH IT!! Definitely a really fun one, you get to see a lot of classic breaking, and it is really cool!

Chapter Twenty Eight: Mess in Aisle 7 = WATCH IT! Ballet is more prevalent in this one, but there is also a legit black kid spinnin' all over the place, definitely watch this one!!

Chapter Twenty Nine: Alliance of the Dark = DOESN'T REALLY MATTER! Once again, Madd Chadd is brilliant, but if guys dancing under sheets is freaky to you, don't watch it. :P Still pretty cool one!

And that is where we are at right now in the LXD world! I will keep updating this post every time a new episode comes out, but other than that unless there was an awesome dance clip that I NEED to show you, you probably won't hear from the LXD again...

I will move onto my normal posting of random things.

Thanks for tuning in!
Love Matt or Cakes, you decide ;)

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