Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Upcoming Girl Post Trailer Thing... :)

That's right folks! This post will be preceding a post about girls.


Yeah, pretty much.

In this much anticipated post, I will discuss my thoughts on girls, attractive features that they possess, and other things that you will all want to read.

When I have told people that this post is coming, I have received a very excited response, so I will try not to let you people down, and make it worth reading.

But this is one of those posts you can't just crank out in five minutes, so I will be sure to give it some deep thought.

Still epic?

Yup. Still epic.

Well, stay tuned guys, and have a great day!
Love Matt or Cakes, you decide. :)


  1. oh man
    let the anticipation begin

  2. oh my gosh!! i love this!! i think you're the only guy i know that would actually do this!!! i love you!!! hahaha! i can't wait!!!! :D