Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Thoughts on My Life... Cuz It's Been a While....

Hey folks. It has been a while, and I apologize. Life has been busy, so I will update you guys on my life.

1. I am spanking my welding class, I am so good at it. I have done stuff in a month that takes most people 3 months to complete. Oh yeah!

2. The other day I made up my mind of what I will probably do with my future. I am planning as of right now to become a chef. Yup, you heard me right, I am going to major in Culinary Arts(I think that is what the major is called). Wa-Bam! Yup.

3. Yearbook is an awesome class, and I am glad that I randomly showed up one day, and ended up joining. Shweet!

4. I am so excited for upcoming events that will happen soon: Miriam Bay is taking me to MORP, which will be way awesome! My Brother and I will be going to the Space Simulator this week for anyone that knows what that is, and it will be awesome as well! And just cool stuff like that that is coming up.

5. Backstage Jazz Night was way awesome! We had a fantastic turnout, which was really cool. The jazz bands were fantastic, and everyone was dancing and having a good time, which it is always a party when you get together with your friends and put on some jazz music.

Yup, that is what is on my mind right now... well that is what I am willing to write that is on my mind right now... maybe I will have a girl post sometime soon. :) Be excited.

You guys are awesome! Thanks for reading!
Love Matt or Cakes, you decide. ;)


  1. I will take you up on your challenge for a girl post. guy post. and whether you are a chef or a welder you had better still take me to brazil and the bahamas and disney land. aaaaand now you can cook for me! sweet.

  2. Haha! Kaela, I will be both a welder and a chef, so it is great for you either way. :) And yes, I will do a girl post if you do a guy post.... yup. :)

    Miriam, you are awesome.... yup

  3. Dearest Matt,
    Make me a feast? Please?
    Love Kate