Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Girl Post - Thoughts on Girls from Matt Woodruff

Well everyone, here it is. The Girl Post.

I hope everyone enjoys it, sorry it is sorta long, and if you have any questions for me, make sure to ask them in my comments section of this post. Hope you enjoy it!

This is a very intimidating post to write, because I don't know how to completely express what my thoughts are on girls. So here goes!

Drum roll!!.... First on the list.... A girls smile!

Smiles: Wow, where do I even begin? I walk down the hall at Timpview, and say hi to a lot of people, most of which are girls, and they are all radiating these beautiful smiles! I am talking like, it could be summertime kind of smiles. The way they are smiling even though we are still in March kind of smiles. Wow, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but do you know what I mean? When a girl smiles, it can make my soul melt like a hot knife through butter on a summer day just before it is spread out onto a delicious flaky roll. Yeah, that is what a girls smile is to me. Seriously girls, smiles are one of the most attractive things that I love about all of you, so why not show it off? I give girls smiles a 5 Star rating on a scale of 2 Stars. Yup. Keep smiling, it brightens everyone's day when you do.

Smiles are great. But next topic on the list is!.....

Next on the list.... Kindness!

Kindness: This is one of my favorite parts as well. But don't look at this section as just "kindness", but look at it to mean many more different words, like niceness, personality, etc., whatever you want to call it. But for me, my ideal girl is kind. Someone who genuinely wants other people to feel better about themselves, someone who is willing to lend a hand, say a few nice words to someone that needs it, or to even just smile at someone who needs it.(Refer to the above paragraph on my thoughts on smiles) ;) I think it is sad when people talk bad behind other peoples backs, and especially if it is a girl, because that completely makes me uninterested in someone like that. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.(I think I am quoting Gandhi, or my Mom...) :) Anyway, a kind girl is priceless in my book. Just try and be nice, and you will be happy in life. I guess that is the secret to happiness in the world.

Kind girls. A+. Definitely.

Next on the list of my thoughts.... Teasing!

Teasing: Now before you judge this section of my thoughts, just know that this is not the rude kind of teasing that I hate with a passion, but this kind of teasing could sort of translate into another word: flirting. Now, before you get the wrong idea from me, lets translate it back to teasing, and I will explain myself. I don't mean that girls have to go out of their way to flirt with people. Mostly I am thinking of how much I like to tease girls. It is way fun. Lets face it. :) But for the context of this section, I am thinking of a girl who doesn't mind being teased now and then. When a boy teases a girl, he is most likely flirting with her, and he doesn't mind when the girl will tease him back. So this is where the build up leads to. I like a girl with a sense of humor. Someone to laugh with, share a joke, and just have a good time. I don't know how that sentence translates into the word “teasing”, but just work with me on it. Now I am not saying that you have to push yourself to be funny or anything, but be able to have a good time with your friends, and be able to have fun. I guess that is what I am getting at. I like a girl who knows how to have good clean fun whenever she wants to. This sort of translates back to the kindness paragraph, where if you are kind to everyone, you will probably be able to have a good time with them whenever you want to. So, I hope you guys understand this paragraph when I title it as “teasing”. Not the best word choice, but if you read the whole paragraph, you would be able to understand what I am getting at I guess.

Sorry for the last paragraph, that was quite a bit of rambling, and I hope everyone gets the message of what I am trying to say: just have a good time in life, because life is short.(But still remember your priorities, and follow through with them) :)

Next on the list of my ramblings.... Conversation!

Conversation: For conversation, I am just adding it in, because sometimes it is a dying art. This is for everyone, and not just girls, but texting is taking over our lives, and it is really refreshing to be able to talk to someone face to face or even on a telephone. Now, with pretty much every girl I know, I can pretty much have a good conversation whenever I talk to any of you, so don't be too worried, but just stay aware of this fact. In fact, if any of you just wanted to call me and just talk, I am more than willing to do that. I love talking to girls because they are so wonderful. Yup. So just stay aware that it can be more personal if you talk to someone face to face. I am not saying texting is bad, in fact I would love a phone, and I would text a lot. But just be aware of the value of a real conversation with someone else. It can be very therapeutic, calming, etc., however you want to see it as. :)

(And I am serious, if anyone ever just needs to talk to someone, just give me a call and we can talk. You might find it turns out well!) :)

Next on this continually longer list.... Friendship!

Friendship: Well girls, friendship is very important. Without friends, life wouldn't be as awesome as it is now, right? Definitely. I like a girl who I can be friends with. Someone who you can hang out with, play games, talk, whatever friends do. Being friends with girls is really great, because they balance the guys out, and it is a lot of fun. Am I making any sense on this topic? Don't worry about it, because odds are that I am your friend if you are reading this. :) Just make sure to be nice to everyone, and have fun!

Wow, guys I hope I am not boring you with this post. I should have put a disclaimer at the top warning of its length, but if you read the whole thing, that is awesome for you, because you got to take a little peek into Matt Woodruff's mind.

What this all leads up to, is that all of these qualities makes a girl extremely attractive in my point of view. I just want you girls to know how great you are.


All of you are awesome, and don't forget that. :)

I love you all, and if you have any questions or comments about this post, make sure to post them in the comments section of this post, and I will answer any questions you have about my thoughts on girls.

But my whole reason for this post is to let all of the girls know how great you are, and that I think you have so much influence for good in this world. You all rock my world, I know that. :)

Remember girls, keep showing off your beautiful smiles. You are all gorgeous. The End. ;)
Love, Matt or Cakes, You decide ;)


  1. this is AWESOME!!!! i love this!!! i shall keep this in mind when i talk to ya-....if i ever get the chance to actually hang with ya ;). you are awesome just by posting this!! no doubt about it! ;D

    a fellow huffle-puffian,
    Emma Lee Martinelli

  2. Haha, I think all guys should make a list like this and inform the girls around them what's on it.

  3. Haha! Remember, this isn't like a list of expectations that I have for girls, this list is just to show what I would find that can make an attractive girl. :) Thanks for reading guys! :)

  4. If this were written by anyone besides Matt Woodruff, I would be like "wow this is so dumb and fake." You're a pretty good kid Matt

  5. Cakes I'm just glad we're friends and I can stalk your house on Sunday's and sit on your front lawn for 2 hours :) check.

  6. Haha! Why thank you Durrell, you are too kind. :)

    Aubs, I love it when you do that, because it makes me happy. double check :)