Saturday, January 15, 2011

MATC and Other Stuff that Goes Ding... ;)

For those of you that have never watched Doctor Who, the only part of this title you need to think about is 'MATC'. I included the other part for Doctor Who fans, just for laughs.

But yeah, this post is mainly about MATC.

Now you are thinking:

"MATC? What is that?"

Well, MATC stands for Mountainland Applied Technology College.

By this point, you are wondering why Matt is talking about it so much, and I am getting to that...

I registered at MATC to certify as a welder!! *Applause Here* Yup, in case you guys didn't know, I am taking a Vocational metals class with Bill at Timpview, and I have really enjoyed it. I love the hands on work, and so when a chance to register for MATC came up, I grabbed it!

Like literally, I grabbed it. I was the last one to register for the course, and I didn't even know I was going to register that morning when I woke up. It just sort of happened really quickly.

So that is pretty cool. I will be going to High School in the mornings, and at 6:00 in the evening I will be going to weld until 9:00 in the evening. The days I weld will be Monday-Thursday, 6-9. I will still be able to have a life on Friday and Saturday, so that made me happy, but ultimately, I will be very busy.

That is about it for now, but I wanted to include some pictures of welding for you guys to see what I will be doing.

That is just some of the awesome stuff that I will do in welding. Luckily, the course I have signed up for will end somewhere around the end of High School as well.

That means I can get a job right out of high school to help put me through college. I will probably work full time in the summer before going to college in the fall. I am trying to get my degree in Public Relations when I attend college.

Thanks for reading this whole thing guys! I just thought I should update on my life! :) Love you all!! Have a great day!!


  1. Hey!I'm taking a MATC course too :) But, what does it have to do with Dr. Who?

  2. That is so cool Bronwen!! :) What course are you taking? and it has nothing to do with Doctor Who.... I just wanted awesome people like you to be filled with happiness upon reading that line.... :P

    On other things, I tried joining your blog, but I think it has something against me..... you should invite me to join! :D

  3. I'm taking the CNA course :) I will definitely invite you to my blog. But, prepare for a disappointment. It's nothing exciting.

  4. I am really excited for it!!! :D :D

  5. Way to go Matt! That is great. And I deeply appreciate the fact that you watch doctor who :)

  6. I love Doctor Who!! :) it makes me very happy ;) and yes bronwen, your blog is way awesome!!

  7. Wait so Matt you're interested in welding but not as a career? What if you were a PR person for a welding company? Or just a really friendly welder?