Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good Luck Shane! :D

Well, it has been forever since I last wrote, and I thought today would be a great day to do it! :)

Earlier today, I went to Shane McQuarrie's mission farewell, to listen to his talk he gave (which was fantastic by the way!), and it made me start thinking about my life. . .

I have about a semester left of High School, and then it is off to college to who knows where. I can fit in two semesters of college if I want to, and before I know it I will get my mission call and have my farewell (which you all better come to :P).

Having all this jump up onto you during Sacrament meeting can be quite a bit for a guy. Anyway, it will be about a little over a year I think before I will be heading into the MTC, going who knows where. :)

It is really exciting to think about actually.

But yeah, this is where there are a lot of critical changes in my life happen, and I just wanted to let you guys know that you have all helped contribute to the kind of person I am today, and I love you guys for it!! Thanks so much for helping me progress towards a mission, and a happy life! I love you all!

And good luck Shane! He will be serving in Chicago, Illinois while speaking Spanish, ans that is really exciting! Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. It's crazy to think that we're all getting to that part of life and that all my guy friends are going to be leaving on their missions. Weird. Exciting though!

  2. It is very weird for me for sure. :) But exciting! :D