Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love acting, in case you didn't know... :)

Sooo, I heard pretty short notice that try outs for the shakespeare play are on Monday. Now, in case you didn't know, I love acting, and I LOVE shakespeare!! :)

So I decided I will take a whack at the auditions and see if I can make it in as something, and I am pretty nervous about it. I will be pretty scary, but hopefully over very quickly. :)

I believe the play is called "Two Men of Verona", or something to that effect, please to be mad if I butchered that title.

Hope everyone is great! I have 25 followers now!! :D Love you guys! You all mean a lot to me!! :)


  1. Yes!! You listen after all! Ha. BTW, it's called "Two Gentlemen of Verona," so you were pretty close there. Subtitle: The Least-Loved and Most-Overlooked of All Shakespeare's Comedies. Which is why I'm so excited for Timpview to do an amazing job with it!

  2. haha! i hope you did well McKann! :) And thank you Kat for redoing my title, because at the time I wrote this blog, I had forgotten the title. :P I hope I at least make call backs!! :)

  3. I tried out too. I hope you make it in, dude.

  4. GO MATT FOR GETTING CAST! I am so proud of you.