Monday, November 8, 2010

Tom Call and his quotes

So, when we were living in Brazil, we had a missionary named Tom Call, who was our secretary in the mission office at the time. Great missionary, worked hard, and was one of the coolest guys I had ever met.

A year or two after, I was back in Provo, and he was home from his mission, and I added him on facebook.

He has the most hilarious statuses ever. Like really. So I will periodically add a few of them to this blog for your entertainment. Here are a few to whet your comical appetites:

My friend was carving Pumpkins with his 5-year old nephew the other day when he could have sworn he heard him say, "That's what happens to snitches."

The Wizard of Oz is the Ultimate Chick Flick. It's about two women trying to kill each other over a pair of shoes.

If I see a car parked outside on a really hot day with a sticker that says "Baby on Board", am I legally obliged to break into it?

Well, that is Tom Call for you. Hope those laughs will tide you over until the next set!

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