Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seminary pretty much rocks :)

So today in seminary, we had a student teacher, who is awesome by the way, and he had us do an activity. He said we were on a plane that was crashing, but we had 5 minutes to write anything to anyone we wanted to say for our final words.

I was stumped. I have never actually thought about what my 'last words' would be, so it was pretty hard to figure out what I was going to say.

Finally, I figured out something great, something that I really believed in, that I wanted people to know, and I wrote it down, and I felt really great about it.

We passed our papers to the front.... and he collected them.... and he started ripping them up in front of us.

Now you can guess how sad this was for us, because we just poured our final words into that paper. But he taught us a good lesson about it.

What we didn't realize, is that all of our papers would obviously be destroyed in the crash, and no one would ever be able to read them. He told us that we needed to tell people beforehand how we felt, what we believed in, and who we loved before we only had 5 minutes of our life left. It really opened my eyes, and I am glad I went to seminary today.

Thanks Brother Bray, can't wait for the next lesson.

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